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Stock split history

Stock split history

WEC stock split history

Date Stock split ratio
3/01/2011 2 for 1
6/30/1992 3 for 2
6/30/1987 2 for 1
7/27/1982 3 for 2
4/25/1963 2 for 1

Example: If you held 20 shares of stock prior to a stock split, you would have received an additional 20 shares in a 2 for 1 split (for a total of 40 shares).

Your tax basis in all of the shares subject to the split will be impacted and you must consider the impact when determining the amount of gain or loss that results from the sale of any shares. Under existing U.S. laws and regulations, the new shares issued will have a basis equal to one-half the adjusted cost or other basis of the shares on which they were distributed. For example, if prior to the stock split you own 100 shares with a basis of $50 per share, half of the basis in each of those shares would be allocated to the corresponding new share, resulting in a basis of $25 per share for each of the 200 shares owned after the split. For tax purposes, the holding period of the new shares is the same as for the old shares on which they were issued. Although this tax information is provided for your assistance, we are not providing personal tax advice. You should consult your personal tax advisor regarding the tax consequences of any transaction you undertake with these shares.

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Stock split history