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Dividend program and history

Dividend program and history

Dividend program and history

Targeting dividend payout of 65 to 70 percent of earnings

We provide shareholder value through our dividend program.

Industry leading dividend growth

2010 $.80, 2011 $1.04, 2012 $1.20, 2013 $1.445, 2014 $1.56, 2015 $1.83*, 2016 $1.98, 2017 $2.08, 2018 $2.21, 2019 $2.36, 2020 $2.53, 2021 $2.71, 2022 $2.91, 2023E $3.12>
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  • In January, raised the dividend by 7.2% to a new annual rate of $3.12 per share.
  • Continuing to target dividend payout of 65-70 percent of earnings.
  • Projecting dividend grow in line with earnings growth.
  • Common stock

    Anticipated record and payment dates for common stock dividends to be paid in 2023 are:

    Record date Payment date
    Feb. 14 March 1
    May 12 June 1
    Aug. 14 Sept. 1
    Nov. 14 Dec. 1

    Dividend reinvestment

    Dividend reinvestment is available and offered through our stock purchase plan.

    Dividend history for ticker WEC

    Declared Ex-Date Record Payable Amount * Type
    19-Oct-2023 13-Nov-2023 14-Nov-2023 1-Dec-2023 $0.78 Regular cash
    20-Jul-2023 11-Aug-2023 14-Aug-2023 1-Sep-2023 $0.78 Regular cash
    20-Apr-2023 11-May-2023 12-May-2023 1-Jun-2023 $0.78 Regular cash
    19-Jan-2023 13-Feb-2023 14-Feb-2023 1-Mar-2023 $0.78 Regular cash
    20-Oct-2022 11-Nov-2022 14-Nov-2022 1-Dec-2022 $0.7275 Regular cash
    21-Jul-2022 11-Aug-2022 12-Aug-2022 1-Sep-2022 $0.7275 Regular cash
    21-Apr-2022 12-May-2022 13-May-2022 1-Jun-2022 $0.7275 Regular cash
    20-Jan-2022 11-Feb-2022 14-Feb-2022 1-Mar-2022 $0.7275 Regular cash
    21-Oct-2021 11-Nov-2021 12-Nov-2021 1-Dec-2021 $0.6775 Regular cash
    15-Jul-2021 12-Aug-2021 13-Aug-2021 1-Sep-2021 $0.6775 Regular cash
    15-Apr-2021 13-May-2021 14-May-2021 1-Jun-2021 $0.6775 Regular cash
    21-Jan-2021 11-Feb-2021 14-Feb-2021 1-Mar-2021 $0.6775 Regular cash
    15-Oct-2020 12-Nov-2020 13-Nov-2020 1-Dec-2020 $0.6325 Regular cash
    16-Jul-2020 13-Aug-2020 14-Aug-2020 1-Sep-2020 $0.6325 Regular cash
    16-Apr-2020 13-May-2020 14-May-2020 1-June-2020 $0.6325 Regular cash
    16-Jan-2020 13-Feb-2020 14-Feb-2020 1-Mar-2020 $0.6325 Regular cash
    17-Oct-2019 13-Nov-2019 14-Nov-2019 1-Dec-2019 $0.59 Regular cash
    18-Jul-2019 13-Aug-2019 14-Aug-2019 1-Sep-2019 $0.59 Regular cash
    18-Apr-2019 13-May-2019 14-May-2019 1-Jun-2019 $0.59 Regular cash
    17-Jan-2019 13-Feb-2019 14-Feb-2019 1-Mar-2019 $0.59 Regular cash
    18-Oct-2018 13-Nov-2018 14-Nov-2018 1-Dec-2018 $0.5525 Regular cash
    19-Jul-2018 13-Aug-2018 14-Aug-2018 1-Sep-2018 $0.5525 Regular cash
    19-Apr-2018 11-May-2018 14-May-2018 1-Jun-2018 $0.5525 Regular cash
    18-Jan-2018 13-Feb-2018 14-Feb-2018 1-Mar-2018 $0.5525 Regular cash
    19-Oct-2017 10-Nov-2017 14-Nov-2017 1-Dec-2017 $0.52 Regular cash
    20-Jul-2017 10-Aug-2017 14-Aug-2017 1-Sep-2017 $0.52 Regular cash
    20-Apr-2017 10-May-2017 12-May-2017 1-Jun-2017 $0.52 Regular cash
    19-Jan-2017 10-Feb-2017 14-Feb-2017 1-Mar-2017 $0.52 Regular cash
    20-Oct-2016 12-Nov-2016 14-Nov-2016 1-Dec-2016 $0.495 Regular cash
    21-Jul-2016 10-Aug-2016 12-Aug-2016 1-Sep-2016 $0.495 Regular cash
    21-Apr-2016 11-May-2016 13-May-2016 1-Jun-2016 $0.495 Regular cash
    21-Jan-2016 10-Feb-2016 12-Feb-2016 1-Mar-2016 $0.495 Regular cash
    15-Oct-2015 11-Nov-2015 13-Nov-2015 1-Dec-2015 $0.4575 Regular cash
    12-Jun-2015 12-Aug-2015 14-Aug-2015 1-Sep-2015 $0.23372301 Pro rata cash (47 days)
    12-Jun-2015 NA 28-Jun-2015 6-Jul-2015 $0.20665755 Pro rata cash (45 days)
    16-Apr-2015 12-May-2015 14-May-2015 1-Jun-2015 $0.4225 Regular cash
    15-Jan-2015 11-Feb-2015 13-Feb-2015 1-Mar-2015 $0.4225 Regular cash
    16-Oct-2014 12-Nov-2014 14-Nov-2014 1-Dec-2014 $0.39 Regular cash
    17-Jul-2014 12-Aug-2014 14-Aug-2014 1-Sep-2014 $0.39 Regular cash
    17-Apr-2014 12-May-2014 14-May-2014 1-Jun-2014 $0.39 Regular cash
    16-Jan-2014 12-Feb-2014 14-Feb-2014 1-Mar-2014 $0.39 Regular cash
    17-Oct-2013 12-Nov-2013 14-Nov-2013 1-Dec-2013 $0.3825 Regular cash
    18-Jul-2013 12-Aug-2013 14-Aug-2013 1-Sep-2013 $0.3825 Regular cash
    18-Apr-2013 10-May-2013 14-May-2013 1-Jun-2013 $0.34 Regular cash
    17-Jan-2013 12-Feb-2013 14-Feb-2013 1-Mar-2013 $0.34 Regular cash
    18-Oct-2012 9-Nov-2012 14-Nov-2012 1-Dec-2012 $0.30 Regular cash
    19-Jul-2012 10-Aug-2012 14-Aug-2012 1-Sep-2012 $0.30 Regular cash
    19-Apr-2012 10-May-2012 14-May-2012 1-Jun-2012 $0.30 Regular cash
    19-Jan-2012 10-Feb-2012 14-Feb-2012 1-Mar-2012 $0.30 Regular cash
    20-Oct-2011 09-Nov-2011 14-Nov-2011 1-Dec-2011 $0.26 Regular cash
    21-Jul-2011 10-Aug-2011 12-Aug-2011 1-Sep-2011 $0.26 Regular cash
    21-Apr-2011 11-May-2011
    13-May-2011 1-Jun-2011
    $0.26 Regular cash
    20-Jan-2011 10-Feb-2011
    14-Feb-2011 1-Mar-2011
    $0.26 Regular cash
    20-Jan-2011 10-Feb-2011
    14-Feb-2011 1-Mar-2011
    $0.00 2-for-1 stock split
    14-Oct-2010 09-Nov-2010
    12-Nov-2010 1-Dec-2010
    $0.20 Regular cash
    22-Jul-2010 11-Aug-2010
    13-Aug-2010 1-Sep-2010
    $0.20 Regular cash
    22-Apr-2010 12-May-2010
    14-May-2010 1-Jun-2010
    $0.20 Regular cash
    21-Jan-2010 10-Feb-2010
    12-Feb-2010 1-Mar-2010
    $0.20 Regular cash
    15-Oct-2009 10-Nov-2009
    13-Nov-2009 1-Dec-2009
    $0.16875 Regular cash
    23-Jul-2009 12-Aug-2009 14-Aug-2009 1-Sep-2009 $0.16875 Regular cash
    23-Apr-2009 12-May-2009 14-May 2009 1-Jun-2009 $0.16875 Regular cash
    29-Jan-2009 11-Feb-2009 13-Feb-2009 1-Mar-2009 $0.16875 Regular cash
    16-Oct-2008 12-Nov-2008 14-Nov-2008 1-Dec-2008 $0.135 Regular cash
    24-Jul-2008 12-Aug-2008 14-Aug-2008 1-Sep-2008 $0.135 Regular cash
    24-Apr-2008 12-May-2008 14-May-2008 1-Jun-2008 $0.135 Regular cash
    17-Jan-2008 12-Feb-2008 14-Feb-2008 1-Mar-2008 $0.135 Regular cash
    18-Oct-2007 9-Nov-2007 14-Nov-2007 1-Dec-2007 $0.125 Regular cash
    26-Jul-2007 10-Aug-2007 14-Aug-2007 1-Sep-2007 $0.125 Regular cash
    26-Apr-2007 10-May-2007 14-May-2007 1-Jun-2007 $0.125 Regular cash
    18-Jan-2007 12-Feb-2007 14-Feb-2007 1-Mar-2007 $0.125 Regular cash
    19-Oct-2006 10-Nov-2006 14-Nov-2006 1-Dec-2006 $0.115 Regular cash
    27-Jul-2006 10-Aug-2006 14-Aug-2006 1-Sep-2006 $0.115 Regular cash
    27-Apr-2006 10-May-2006 12-May-2006 1-Jun-2006 $0.115 Regular cash
    18-Jan-2006 10-Feb-2006 14-Feb-2006 1-Mar-2006 $0.115 Regular cash
    20-Oct-2005 8-Nov-2005 11-Nov-2005 1-Dec-2005 $0.11 Regular cash
    21-Jul-2005 10-Aug-2005 12-Aug-2005 1-Sep-2005 $0.11 Regular cash
    21-Apr-2005 11-May-2005 13-May-2005 1-Jun-2005 $0.11 Regular cash
    20-Jan-2005 9-Feb-2005 11-Feb-2005 1-Mar-2005 $0.11 Regular cash
    1-Nov-2004 10-Nov-2004 12-Nov-2004 1-Dec-2004 $0.105 Regular cash
    4-Aug-2004 11-Aug-2004 13-Aug-2004 1-Sep-2004 $0.105 Regular cash
    2-Feb-2004 12-May-2004 14-May-2004 1-Jun-2004 $0.105 Regular cash
    15-Jan-2004 11-Feb-2004 13-Feb-2004 1-Mar-2004 $0.10 Regular cash
    23-Oct-2003 12-Nov-2003 14-Nov-2003 1-Dec-2003 $0.10 Regular cash
    31-Jul-2003 12-Aug-2003 14-Aug-2003 1-Sep-2003 $0.10 Regular cash
    30-Apr-2003 12-May-2003 14-May-2003 1-Jun-2003 $0.10 Regular cash
    16-Jan-2003 12-Feb-2003 14-Feb-2003 1-Mar-2003 $0.10 Regular cash
    22-Oct-2002 12-Nov-2002 14-Nov-2002 1-Dec-2002 $0.10 Regular cash
    23-Jul-2002 12-Aug-2002 14-Aug-2002 1-Sep-2002 $0.10 Regular cash
    2-May-2002 10-May-2002 14-May-2002 1-Jun-2002 $0.10 Regular cash
    5-Feb-2002 12-Feb-2002 14-Feb-2002 1-Mar-2002 $0.10 Regular cash
    31-Oct-2001 12-Nov-2001 14-Nov-2001 1-Dec-2001 $0.10 Regular cash
    25-Jul-2001 10-Aug-2001 14-Aug-2001 1-Sep-2001 $0.10 Regular cash
    2-May-2001 10-May-2001 14-May-2001 1-Jun-2001 $0.10 Regular cash
    5-Feb-2001 12-Feb-2001 14-Feb-2001 1-Mar-2001 $0.10 Regular cash
    25-Oct-2000 10-Nov-2000 14-Nov-2000 1-Dec-2000 $0.10 Regular cash
    28-Jul-2000 10-Aug-2000 14-Aug-2000 1-Sep-2000 $0.195 Regular cash
    26-Apr-2000 10-May-2000 12-May-2000 1-Jun-2000 $0.195 Regular cash
    25-Jan-2000 10-Feb-2000 14-Feb-2000 1-Mar-2000 $0.195 Regular cash
    28-Oct-1999 9-Nov-1999 12-Nov-1999 1-Dec-1999 $0.195 Regular cash
    28-Jul-1999 10-Aug-1999 12-Aug-1999 1-Sep-1999 $0.195 Regular cash
    27-Apr-1999 10-May-1999 12-May-1999 1-Jun-1999 $0.195 Regular cash
    28-Jan-1999 10-Feb-1999 12-Feb-1999 1-Mar-1999 $0.195 Regular cash
    29-Oct-1998 9-Nov-1998 12-Nov-1998 1-Dec-1998 $0.195 Regular cash
    31-Jul-1998 10-Aug-1998 12-Aug-1998 1-Sep-1998 $0.195 Regular cash
    28-Apr-1998 8-May-1998 12-May-1998 1-Jun-1998 $0.195 Regular cash
    29-Jan-1998 10-Feb-1998 12-Feb-1998 1-Mar-1998 $0.1925 Regular cash
    23-Oct-1997 10-Nov-1997 13-Nov-1997 1-Dec-1997 $0.1925 Regular cash
    30-Jul-1997 11-Aug-1997 13-Aug-1997 2-Sep-1997 $0.1925 Regular cash
    5-May-1997 9-May-1997 13-May-1997 2-Jun-1997 $0.1925 Regular cash
    29-Jan-1997 11-Feb-1997 13-Feb-1997 3-Mar-1997 $0.19 Regular cash
    30-Oct-1996 8-Nov-1996 13-Nov-1996 2-Dec-1996 $0.19 Regular cash
    24-Jul-1996 9-Aug-1996 13-Aug-1996 3-Sep-1996 $0.19 Regular cash
    25-Apr-1996 9-May-1996 13-May-1996 3-Jun-1996 $0.19 Regular cash
    2-Feb-1996 9-Feb-1996 13-Feb-1996 1-Mar-1996 $0.18375 Regular cash
    26-Oct-1995 6-Nov-1995 8-Nov-1995 1-Dec-1995 $0.18375 Regular cash
    27-Jul-1995 4-Aug-1995 8-Aug-1995 1-Sep-1995 $0.18375 Regular cash
    27-Apr-1995 2-May-1995 8-May-1995 1-Jun-1995 $0.18375 Regular cash
    25-Jan-1995 2-Feb-1995 8-Feb-1995 1-Mar-1995 $0.17625 Regular cash
    27-Oct-1994 2-Nov-1994 8-Nov-1994 21-Jan-1995 $0.17625 Regular cash
    27-Jul-1994 2-Aug-1994 8-Aug-1994 1-Sep-1994 $0.17625 Regular cash
    27-Apr-1994 3-May-1994 9-May-1994 1-Jun-1994 $0.17625 Regular cash
    28-Jan-1994 2-Feb-1994 8-Feb-1994 1-Mar-1994 $0.1694 Regular cash
    27-Oct-1993 2-Nov-1993 8-Nov-1993 1-Dec-1993 $0.1694 Regular cash
    28-Jul-1993 3-Aug-1993 9-Aug-1993 1-Sep-1993 $0.1694 Regular cash
    28-Apr-1993 4-May-1993 10-May-1993 1-Jun-1993 $0.1694 Regular cash
    27-Jan-1993 2-Feb-1993 8-Feb-1993 1-Mar-1993 $0.1625 Regular cash
    28-Oct-1992 3-Nov-1992 9-Nov-1992 1-Dec-1992 $0.1625 Regular cash
    22-Jul-1992 4-Aug-1992 10-Aug-1992 1-Sep-1992 $0.1625 Regular cash
    13-May-1992 1-Jul-1992 10-Jun-1992 30-Jun-1992 $0.00 3-for-2 stock split
    22-Apr-1992 1-May-1992 7-May-1992 1-Jun-1992 $0.1625 Regular cash
    29-Jan-1992 3-Feb-1992 7-Feb-1992 1-Mar-1992 $0.155 Regular cash
    29-Oct-1991 1-Nov-1991 7-Nov-1991 1-Dec-1991 $0.155 Regular cash
    24-Jul-1991 1-Aug-1991 7-Aug-1991 1-Sep-1991 $0.155 Regular cash
    24-Apr-1991 1-May-1991 7-May-1991 1-Jun-1991 $0.155 Regular cash
    23-Jan-1991 1-Feb-1991 7-Feb-1991 1-Mar-1991 $0.14665 Regular cash
    24-Oct-1990 1-Nov-1990 7-Nov-1990 1-Dec-1990 $0.14665 Regular cash
    25-Jul-1990 1-Aug-1990 7-Aug-1990 1-Sep-1990 $0.14665 Regular cash
    25-Apr-1990 1-May-1990 7-May-1990 1-Jun-1990 $0.14665 Regular cash
    24-Jan-1990 1-Feb-1990 7-Feb-1990 1-Mar-1990 $0.13835 Regular cash
    25-Oct-1989 1-Nov-1989 7-Nov-1989 1-Dec-1989 $0.13835 Regular cash
    26-Jul-1989 1-Aug-1989 7-Aug-1989 1-Sep-1989 $0.13835 Regular cash
    26-Apr-1989 1-May-1989 5-May-1989 1-Jun-1989 $0.13835 Regular cash
    25-Jan-1989 1-Feb-1989 7-Feb-1989 1-Mar-1989 $0.12835 Regular cash
    26-Oct-1988 3-Nov-1988 9-Nov-1988 1-Sep-1988 $0.12835 Regular cash
    27-Jul-1988 2-Aug-1988 8-Aug-1988 1-Sep-1988 $0.12835 Regular cash
    20-Apr-1988 3-May-1988 9-May-1988 1-Jun-1988 $0.12835 Regular cash
    24-Jan-1988 2-Feb-1988 8-Feb-1988 1-Mar-1988 $0.12 Regular cash

    * Dividend amounts reflect all historical stock splits including our most recent 2-for-1 stock split on March 1, 2011. See Stock split history for a complete record of our historical stock splits.